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what is Lend the Lord

Is a non-profitable Orphanage that specialises in looking after children,  its a fully registered and a recognised Ugandan based NGO.  

This orphanage was founded in 2010 by the vision bearer Mrs Annet B. Gabwe and has since then been operational up to date. 

The orphanage is run by a panel of which the proprietor of the orphanage is the CEO. The other members being; Chairman, Vice-chairman/ Mobiliser, Treasurer/ secretary and the Volunteers.

Proverbs 19:17 -Whoever is kind to the poor lend to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.

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Our objectives

1. To avail disabled, vulnerable and less privileged children with the basic needs of life, including; -Clothing, Shelter, Food, Health care and Education. 

2. Helping the subjects to access counselling and mentoring in order for them to cope with the traumatic lives they have grown in.

3. Help to access basic medical treatments and medicines.

4. To sponsor secondary students to finish S.6 and onto University or Vocational training institutions.

5. To establish income-generating projects for the sustainability of the Ministry programs. 

6.  Provide mentoring and discipleship Training through Bible training.

7. To secure land for the establishment of a Medical centre, Education centre, and students accommodation. 

Our Achievements

The Orphanage which was being run under its one proprietor for nearly three years is now fully incorporated, registered and has a devoted team of board members. 

Our child Education sponsorship department has had its first UCE results and has two more candidates.

The number of child education sponsorships has more than tripled over the last three years. 

Since December 2015 the orphanage managed to secure an office and a postal address at Plot 19, James Ochola lane, Tororo (Uganda)

In 2016 LTL widened its base with a great team of volunteers based in both the UK and USA.

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