Easter is probably the most significant holiday in the Christian calendar because what we celebrate during this time is the very foundation of our faith. It is so important that many would say it is more important than Christmas. This is because the death of Jesus Christ and His resurrection signifies new life for us. If Jesus still laid dead in the tomb till this day His birth would not mean anything and we will all be doomed, so we celebrate this day as if we are celebrating our freedom, our liberation from eternal pain, suffering, sin and ultimate death. We are grateful that God is in His infinity wisdom and loyal love did not give up on us but found a way to redeem us from our own destructive nature and Jesus would offer Himself as a living sacrifice for this cause.

For all of us, “it is finished” has a more intimate meaning because as we grow in our walk with God and look back on the situations He has brought us through, we have a deeper understanding of the work Jesus did on cross. For me, believing that it is finished means I no longer have to hold on to fear of rejection because I know I am accepted and loved by the most important being. It means I can walk in faith, not concerned about my next meal because my Father has already made provision for me. It means I no longer have to be insecure because I find my identity in God; not in human beings or worldly things. It also means I am no longer a slave or captive to the sins that once held me down; because Jesus won the battle, I get to walk in constant victory over sin and death. Ultimately, ‘It is finished’ means to me, that when negative thoughts overwhelm me I can anchor myself to what God has spoken over me and find rest in Him; I don’t have to rely on my own strength because in my weakness I can draw strength from God. When you think of your relationship with God and the journey He has brought you through, what does ‘it is finished’ mean to you?

Claud Jaiyeola

Song Recommendation

O Praise The Name - Hillsong Worship