This may sound silly and yet it is true that often we forget who we are because we are engrossed with activities of the day, season and most especially the news that fly across from the globe. It is not news anymore that we live in a global village and that seems to have caused a huge impact in what we know and probably what some has begun to believe. As I was in a middle of a discussion one Faithful afternoon with a relation thousands of miles away, and our closeness looked so real that I began to wonder, how on earth has our world progressed and what impact has that done to our rural life. Times when we will take a walk through the woods and by the riverside and appreciate nature. We used to admire the works of his hands and believe me, it made a huge difference. Times when men will remember their God and praise Him for the wonders of his works and our being. This is fast eluding the younger generation who know nothing but a flight with the pace of technology. Can they still pause and praise the wonders of God? The psalmist makes it obvious that the rivers clap their hands, as well as the mountains sing together for joy. Prophet Isaiah in the fifty fifth chapter and the twelfth verse has this to say in expressing same things the psalmist declared. “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” ‭‭ The question now is, where is the time again in our business to pause and notice God’s love expressed in his wonderful creation. When do we stand and appreciate the mighty works of his right hand that has kept us safe? How do we feel knowing that we have relegated the needful and other creations are actively participating in the praise of God. A popular saying has this to say, a stitch in time saves nine. To draw this home, a pause and reflecting is needed in this time we are in, that we have neglected the author of life. The only one who knows and understands our uncertainties, excitements, anxieties, heart- breaks, financial strain, health challenges, name it. He remains the hope of a glorious end and so respond to this call of- “ Pause and Reflect” on the wonders of our being and his marvellous works.