As we celebrate Christmas, it is very difficult to ignore the role Mary Jesus’ mother

played. Many denominations offer worship to Mary as a deity because she was the

mother of our saviour Jesus. Whilst I don’t believe she is to be worshipped, I do agree

that she is to be praised and commended for her willingness to be an instrument of faith

and there is so much we can learn from her.

In Luke 1 we read that Mary a young virgin who was about to become a wife, was visited

by the angel Gabriel with a message from God that was about to change the future all of

humanity. The angel told her that she was favoured by God, that God’s Spirit was with

her and because of this, she had been chosen to carry the saviour of the world. Just

imagine being a young person, who is excited about leaving your parent’s house and

marrying the love of your life and all of a sudden, you get this supernatural encounter

telling you that your life plan is about to change. Back then, an unmarried pregnant

woman was a great dishonour in the community. These women were frowned upon and

sometimes cast away by family and relatives because of the shame attached to their

circumstances and Mary was at risk of this.

After asking the angel some questions, Mary was filled with peace and replied “I am the

Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” Mary’s trust and

willingness is to be commended. Nowhere in the bible does it mention that she wrestled

with God concerning this big assignment. What God was asking her to do was big and

could cost her a husband and rejection from her community but not only did she agree to

it, she also prayed for it to come to past. Mary chose to put Gods’ plans ahead of hers

and he honoured her for it.

I believe God chose Mary because he knew she was fit for the job and like Mary, God has

chosen you to complete whatever he has asked you to do because you are the right fit.

He has given you enough faith to trust him and he calls you favoured and calms your

fears. God is looking for ‘Marys’ in our generation; a people who are willing to put their

plans second to the plans of God. A people who will instead, pray for God’s plan even if it

costs them everything. You see, Mary’s yes played a part in the salvation of humanity

and whilst God gets all the glory for it and she will always be remembered.

Are you willing to give God your yes even if it could cost you everything?

Claud Jaiyeola

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