Off duty/work = My time right?

Off duty conduct essentially refers to how employees behave/conduct themselves whilst they are off work. A lot of people may think, how does what I do in my personal time affect my company? Well with the beautiful gift of social media where personal information about job applicants and employees is only a google search away, we have to always be careful about how we represent our brands/companies whenever and wherever we are.

Let me give you a short story to bring this home abit, there was a certain individual who got caught texting on his phone whilst driving a company branded car even though he was off duty. Unfortunately for him, a passenger in another car took a photo of him and posted this on twitter (social media) and tagged the company. Now it was a known code within the company's policy that this particular act was a dismissible offence due to the industry they operated in. You probably have an idea of how the story ends....

The key point here is for us to always remember that whilst we have clocked off work, we essentially are still brand ambassadors for the companies we work for, therefore we should endeavour that our actions/behaviours outside work reflect positively on anything or anyone we are associated with

This idea is echoed in Ecclesiastes 7 vs 1 which states, "A good reputation is more valuable than costly perfume" (NLT). The Bible is clear that a good reputation is of great value and is therefore something that we should strive to earn and maintain.

In summary we should always remember how "small" the world has become due to technology and ensure we represent our brands and identity in Christ everywhere we go because we never know who is watching.

Stay blessed, Ufy Bamgboye