Give us our daily bread - Matthew 6:11

This is by far my favourite part of the Lord’s prayers and its not because of what you

think! I know we (Christians) are very good at asking and sometimes, that's all our prayer

time consists of. However, it seems we only ask when we feel we can’t get something

ourselves. As if to say we are the source of our needs. God wants to us to rely on him for

the small things and the big things because to him, the small things are just as important

as the big things.

Before the pandemic, I travelled into London for work and on most days I would have to

stand the entire 30 minute train journey as the train was always full. One day, as I was

leaving home, I innocently decided to pray to God to provide a seat on the train for me as

standing up for too long made my feet hurt. I was the first passenger to enter the train at

my stop and as I entered the train, there was one seat left by the door and I was able to

sit down the entire journey. From that day I began praying for a seat before entering the

train. Not getting a seat on the train seemed like such a tiny inconvenience I could endure,

that at first, I didn’t think about praying, but God showed me that my small

inconvenience was still important to him. Each time we ask God to meet our needs we

are given an opportunity to trust Him and He is given a reason to glory Himself by

showing kindness to us and God wants us to experience this everyday; even in the little


Too often, we spend time worrying over the tiniest of things and our worry graduates to

anxiety but one thing that has always helped me, is looking back at past times when God

met my needs. Those past times have allowed me to grow dependent on God for

everything and so far he has not let me down and I don’t believe he will start now. Friends,

I challenge you to rely on God by asking him to provide for your DAILY needs; maybe like

me, you have tiny inconveniences in your day that you have chosen to endure. I urge you

now commit them to the Lord. The bible says cast your cares (not only the big ones) unto

the Lord because he cares for you.

Claud Jaiyeola

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