Some of such will leave bitter pills in our mouth while some will ever be remembered with excitements and gratitude.

A story was told of a young girl from an Asian country, for purposes of confidentiality, I refer to her as Mimmy. Her parents were so poor that they never had hope of getting the next meal. This hardship continued until what looked like good intervention for them came up. A neighbour introduced to them an organisation that offer employment opportunity to young vibrant girls as waitresses in a neighbouring city. This looked attractive especially with an offer of some money to the parents as an incentive for sending their daughter. Unknown to Mimmy’s parents, she was recruited for sexual slavery. As this young girl met with her abusive patriots, her life became devastated and sorrowful. This continued until a Good Samaritan heard her story and decided to be the Angel that rescued her.

When her fare was paid back home, she was so ashamed to recount all the woes she has been through. The parents tried to comfort her and blame the gods who looked away and allowed poverty mess their sense of judgement to buy into such offer. No matter what was said to Mimmy, her life remained broken and for her, will never be whole again. But the story changed with another encounter, this time with a daughter of a missionary to their country. As young people, they exchanged pleasantries and friendship kick started. This was how the entire family came to the knowledge of a Saviour called Jesus Christ. The family having accepted this new religion called Christianity were exposed to persecution from the entire village. When they found the sex slave driver, it was not a bad deal. Finding a living hope and a future in Christ, it became a taboo. What an irony, but I speak as regarding what life is all about. The good is abhorred but the bad is celebrated. Well the gist of this story is that Mimmy in finding Christ discovered greater power that brings wholeness to a rescued broken life.