SATISFIED /' satɪsfʌɪd/

Ever heard the saying; ‘the grass is greener on the other side’? Well, I am here to debunk

that saying. As young people living in the twenty-first century we are surrounded by many

material things. Often times, having these material things or having a certain status in our

schools or communities are desirable. When we are not in a position to acquire these

things we find ourselves developing envy or jealousy towards those that have. We end up

living in a circle of jealousy as none of us is satisfied with what we have.

Jealousy is a form of covetousness which is largely grounded in fear, insecurity and lack

of contentment. When we harbour feelings of jealousy we are essentially saying that

“what God has giving me is not enough!”. It leads us to be in constant competition with

those around us who may have better material things, more attractive or smarter than us.

I am no stranger to jealousy. As a young professional, I find myself envious of those

around me that have more experience than I do and can do a better job than I can. My

lack of contentment for the season I am in is a reminder that this life is temporary and a

greater satisfaction awaits me in heaven.

Like the women at the well in Samaria (John 4) we all struggle with being too thirsty.

Jesus sees our brokenness and offers us living water. As bizarre as this sounds, when we

chose to drink from him, we will never be thirsty again. Choosing to drink from Jesus is to

be content with what we have, to be truly satisfied; recognising that we have all of our

needs met. Jealousy hinders the fruits of thankfulness in a young person’s life. We will

never reach all that God has for us if we are constantly looking to the left or right whilst

running our race.

If you struggle with jealousy I believe this practical exercise will help you:

Get a piece of paper and a pen. Try to answer these questions to the best of your ability

  1. What are you most jealous of?

  2. Why do you desire these things and who sets these standards?

  3. If you received what you were jealous of would your life be any

  4. better and if so, in what way?

  5. Are there things around you that fuel this jealous such as social

  6. media, TV, friends, family?

  7. What things do you need to cut down on to help you with thoughts

  8. of jealousy and envy?

  9. Listing five things God has blessed you with?

Remember, God wants to satisfy us and bless us with wonderful gifts but only gifts that

won’t be harmful to us. Fight to replace jealous thoughts with thoughts of thankfulness

and gratitude. The grass is never greener on the other side so you have to water your


Claud Jaiyeola

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