I feel like trusting someone or something I cannot touch, see, or smell is totally out of the norm for me as much as it is for the majority of us humans.see etc. For instance, I can be on a very long journey using my sat-nav for directions, because I have never been to this place before and I do not know how to get there, I would use my sat-nav trusting that it will get me to my destination safely, even though it might not get me to the exact place I trust and believe that it will at least get me close to my destination.

I feel like trusting someone or something I cannot touch, see, or smell is totally out of the norm for me as much as it is for majority of us humans.

Born in a Christian home, my parents always told me about God. As I grow older, I try to understand God totally with my human understanding before I can trust him and have faith in Him, but I came to realise that the more I keep trying to understand God totally with my human reasoning and thoughts, the farther I feel from Him and it’s like I am nowhere near understanding God using my own reasoning and thoughts. He is far greater than my own understanding, and trying to put God in my own box of human reasoning is and will never be a good idea.

With time I realised I cannot even understand most things in my everyday world. For instance, because I am not able to bring back the day that has just passed it doesn’t mean yesterday never existed, also because I cannot see the water that is above the dome of the sky that also does not mean that there is no water above the sky and so on.

If I can’t totally understand these things with all my human reasoning how much more understanding the creator of the Heavens and Earth, the Alpha and Omega, the creator of the Universe, Time and Space.

The fact that it is NOT possible to totally understand God with our own human reasoning doesn’t mean there is no God, no wonder the bible says in Proverb chapter 3:5 TRUST IN AND RELY CONFIDENTLY ON THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND DO NOT RELY ON YOUR OWN INSIGHT OR UNDERSTANDING.(AMP). Hmmm that’s interesting.

Now that led me to another question. ‘How then do I build this TRUST and understanding with God’? After a lot of studying I then realised that this trust can be built by asking God in prayers (talking to God) to guide me as I spend TIME STUDYING HIS WORD, because the more I spent time studying the word of God, the more God revealed Himself to me. Doing this helps me to build my faith in God. So, if you are like me and had the same question I will advise to go ahead and do the same thing and see what God does in your life.

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What REALLY is the Word of God’s?