Life is full of ups and downs; good seasons full of abundance, peace and fruitfulness and difficult seasons full of confusion and uncertainty. Last week, we discussed dealing with disappointment and we learnt that with God, disappointment always ends with appointment, so how can we walk with God during seasons on abundance? Over the course of my walk with the LORD, I have come to learn that good seasons of abundance and fruitfulness may also come with some distractions. When all is going well, it is so easy to forget about God and become complacent. The points listed below have helped me to stay on track and in line with God’s will for my life when all is going well.

1.Keep on praising! In James 1:17, we read that every good gift comes from God. Therefore in good times we should rejoice. We express our joy and gratitude by singing songs of praise, dancing and sharing our testimony with other people (1Corinthians 10:31).

2.Keep on praying (1 Chronicles 16:11). God doesn’t just want us to communicate with Him when things are not going well. He wants to be part of every aspect of our lives; in good times and bad times. In good times we continue praying because we still need guidance and relationship with him. Praying allows us to walk in purpose as we communicate with God. It also allows us to prepare for difficult seasons so that we can fight from a place of peace and reassurance because we have been affirmed by our father.

3.Give generously (Proverbs 11:25). In seasons of abundance, we look to partner with God by giving generously. Whether it is our money or our time, we seek to support those around us by giving generously. We read earlier that every good gift comes from God. Therefore, when He blesses us, we respond by giving back to our families, communities and our churches. Our trust in God the provider helps us not to hoard money or time in times of abundance because we know that God will meet our needs in every season, good or bad.

4.Be kind to those who might be going through a difficult time (Romans 12:15). Life is full of ups and downs and this is true for every person living on this planet. This means that while one person may be going through a season of abundance another might be struggling. This is why it is important that we show kindness to those that are struggling. Kindness can be shown in different ways such as checking up regularly on a friend who might be going through depression, forgiving someone for a mistake they are struggling to correct, being supportive of your children if they are struggling academically or even being patient with your irritable spouse who is under a lot of stress at work.

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