As I ponder on certain happenings in and around me and my circle of contacts, I find this struggle common to most of us. I then took time to research the bible and discovered it is a familiar concept too.

What am I really talking about? The idea of struggling to do what we believe is right and control doing what is not befitting our profession. So, often we hear such questions going on in our minds.

Why Can’t I Do the Things I Know I Should Do?

As Christian disciples, we struggle every day to do the things we know we should do—whether that is to pray, to resist a blatant sin, or be nice on social media. For some, it is a struggle with hard core addictions and sins.

Some of us struggle with unforgiveness or negative and critical thoughts.

Some of us struggle with obeying God’s last instruction.

If we are honest, we all struggle with trusting God in some area of our heart, and we all continually fall short of God’s best for our lives.

You are not alone. Apostle Paul, himself, said the things he wanted to do, he couldn’t seem to do sometimes.

He ended up doing the very thing he hated and really didn’t want to do (Rom 7).

Even when we are born again, we continue to struggle with our flesh and areas of unbelief and sin in our hearts. This exposes us to miss God’s best many times.

Now consider this. What has God put on your heart that you know you need to do? What is God requiring of you today? At this time in your life? How is it going?

I don’t know what you are specifically struggling with right now, but Jesus can give you overcoming power if you let him.

Iwant to encourageus on what steps I’velearnt to take in addressingsuch challenges. You too can try them-:

First Get Honest with Yourself

Just go ahead and admit it. We will never be good enough, and we can’t control our sin. However, do not cower to condemnation!

Jesus is good enough! And even though we can’t control our sin with human willpower, we can be forgiven.

And God will give us His amazing Holy Spirit to teach and empower us to overcome all things!

We can live overcoming lives in the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

So, forgive yourself, forgive others, forgive God if you think he disappoints you.

You cannot do this alone, so acknowledge your failures, ask for forgiveness, ask for help, and get back up to try again!

You are worth far more than gold or diamonds. You are valuable! Your heavenly Father believes you are valuable! Your life matters!

Secondly, Do not ask, Why Can’t I Overcome Sin? Rather, How Can I Overcome Sin?

You may say, “Sin always stops me from going to the Lord.”

Sin always separates us from our Lord, but it is easy to fix.

He loves you and wants you to come to Him no matter what you have done.

Simply admit your sin and confess it to Jesus. Give it to Him, and He will give you His peace.

Jesus blood is big enough to cover anything you have done. Jesus never gets tired of us coming to Him with our mistakes.

Then in chapter 8 of Romans, Paul talks about the victory we have through Christ. The Holy Spirit, Himself intercedes for us in prayer even when we don’t know what to pray. Read that chapter when you get a chance.

Even though we struggle, when we lean on Jesus and ask for help, he gives us grace to overcome.

Finally, Begin to Grow Strong in Spirit

With everything you do, find the spirituality in it that can sustain it.

As we have less movements, I discover I had gained weight and immediately began to work at it.

The first thing I did was to see my body as his sanctuary that must be honoured. So I began to query certain behaviours I allow in it if they honour God. I also tell myself that discipline is a sign of fruit of the spirit called self control. So when I do spiritual ex cerci seems, the physical must accompany it.

That has helped me maintain daily 30 minutes physical excel Ise.

Even with this, it still turns out, I am not doing enough of the good things to outweigh all the bad things I continued to do.

In conclusion, to have success in our spiritual life and to experience all the wonderful promises God has for us, we simply must choose to add more spiritual things in our daily lives than carnal, fleshly, life-draining things.

“But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh” (Gal 5:16).

We will struggle less and less as we learn to walk in the Holy Spirit more and more.

When we spend more time with the Lord in prayer, worship, and His word, we grow in spiritual strength.

We hardly notice at first, then we realize we have grown strong enough so the thing that bothered us before does not bother us anymore.