The bible is a book that describes what right relationships are. From Genesis to Revelation, you hear God explain why man of the soil was made in his image and likeness, the source of the material used not withstanding. The scripture puts it this way-:” In the cool of the evening, the man and his wife heard the Lord God walking around the garden.”

This was his mannerisms as he longed for fellowship with his created works but man messed up and began to be fearful of such fellowship with God.

Hear me and get it right, the moment our hearts are covered in mischief born out of sin, our relationships begin to have cracks on its walls.

The subject of positive relationships is near to my heart because God has provided me with such good friends and ministry colleagues.These are the people who challenge me to do more for the Lord. My friends love me, but they certainly aren’t content to let me stay as I am. If they spot a sin in my life or see something I could do better, they say so. And am truly grateful for that.

Paul gave relationships a high priority too. Paul surrounded himself with people who could help him achieve two things: fulfilment of his God-given mission and conformity to Christlikeness. While Paul was pouring himself into the lives of others, he was being built up and strengthened by his fellow believers. That, in brief, is the Lord’s plan for every one of His children.

So, permit me to ask you, What about you? Do you have certain relationships that motivate you to pursue God more fervently? It does matter whom we allow to influence our lives. The Father has already equipped your brothers and sisters to invest in you, to encourage you, to pray for you, and to prod you toward a more complete faith, so that you are prepared to devote yourself to serving others. Good relationships with people who build each other up can help believers fulfil God’s plan for their lives.

The finest relationships are between people who want to see each other succeed in faith and therefore “spur one another on toward love and good deeds” .

In other words, our best friends are those who love us as we are but never cease to challenge us to be better for the Lord.

Friendship adds value to us and needs to thrive under this 3 core values-:




Employ them and you will have a good testimony before man and before God.

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