Around the world, women have been persecuted for hundreds of years. The persecution I am speaking about is of a different nature; we were told that our only purpose in this life is to be home makers, who should not have any opinions or have equal rights as men such as opening a bank account, having the right to vote, access to education, equal pay to our male counterparts and so much more. Sadly, in the past families preferred to have a male heir rather than a female heir because they believed men had more value than women. In

their eyes, women were only good to form strategic alliances between two families through marriage.

Thankfully, things are beginning to change. Woman have the same access to education as men in most countries, we have the right to vote and open bank accounts in our own names and the attitude towards the sex of the children has changed drastically; both girls and boys are seen of equal value in most societies.

As women of faith, we know that no matter the times and seasons, we are destined for greatness. We know this to be true because before creating us, God felt there was something missing. We do not need society to dictate to us our worth or our role because these things have been predestined for us by God himself. Whether is it at home; building our families by raising future world leaders and game changers or at work; making a positive change in the

space we find ourselves, we are called to make an impact that will last generations to come. Most importantly, like the women who found the empty tomb in the garden, we are called to preach the gospel and draw others into relationship with God.

Today, I would like to encourage all the women of faith, to step into all that God has planned and purposed for them. Refuse to allow fear to steal what is rightfully yours so that your father in heaven will be glorified!

Claud Jaiyeola

Travis Greene - Intentional