When we think of heaven, we sometimes picture ourselves wearing white robes and gold sandals relaxing on the clouds for all eternity. This is why most Christians are surprised to learn that there will be work in our eternal home. Usually when we think of work, we have many negative feelings tagged to it because having a job comes with being mentally fatigued, dealing with unpleasant colleagues and unrealistic expectations from our bosses. Most people do not enjoy the work they do here on earth because their motivation is simple to make ends meet. But work in heaven will be different to what we are accustomed to. There will be no tiredness, unpleasant co-workers or unrealistic expectations and our role will be to simply serve God.

To understand why I believe there will be work in heaven, we have to go back to the begin before the fall. You see, God created man (AND WOMAN) to work. Adam was first created to look after the animals on land, sea and sky and Eve was created to help him with this task. Back them, the first humans found their work and working together enjoyable. As far as scripture records, there was no competition between the two as they both understood their roles, God (their manager) did not ask them to do anything they were unable to do and they did not struggle with fatigue. Nonetheless, after the fall, their work turned into toil and whilst it was still good in the sight of God, it came with strife and disappointment. This is the same today; work is an important part our society because it provides a means for us to grow and be innovative as well be able to provide for our families. Even though it comes with challenges, we can still find fulfilment in our work. I believe work will be in heaven because God Himself the creator of work is a worker (John 5:16-17). When asked why He was working on the Sabbath day, Jesus’ responded that His father is also working. He continued to say that He only does what He sees His father doing and we should do the same (1John 3:1-2).

Even though work on earth and in heaven will be different, they share one similarity; God wants our work to honour His name. Whether we are here or there, we can find fulfilment in our work when we do it to glorify Him. Money is one of the reasons why we work but it should not be our main motivation. We can find enjoyment in our jobs when we shift our focus on God and make it an act of worship. Very soon that difficult boss, annoying co-worker and physical fatigue will take a back seat.

Claudwyne Jaiyeola

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